During installing Windows XP, I got errors like "Setup can't copy ks.sys, modem.sys etc...etc.."

I skipped the error messages, but after all that Windows XP is not detecting cd drive or USB. How to solve this?

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If you can't install an OS from scratch either:

  • the installation media is bad

  • the DVD drive is bad

  • the computer hardware is fundamentally unstable

It is very, very bad when you cannot perform a clean install of an OS -- that is the most basic test of "is this computer actually working?"


simply buy a new CD for XP this one is faulty


You might try using a linux live cd and see if that works. Most likely causes of your problem are bad cd or bad drive. A bad computer is also possible but less likely, assuming that it worked before you tried reinstalling the OS.


Make sure that your Installation cd/dvd can support your hard drive type (such as SATA) Use a compatible one (download windows xp sp3, sata driver included) from the internet .


It means that there is a problem with your system's Random Access Memory (RAM).

You should try replacing your system RAM and run the Windows XP installation program again.

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