Apple provides this link to download and install Bonjour.

After installation, it includes 2 products - the Bonjour Service itself and Bonjour Print Services.

Is is possible to install only the Bonjour Service for Windows?

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Using that linked package, I opened up BonjourPSSetup.exe in WinRAR and was able to extract Bonjour.msi from it (you could use Bonjour64.msi on 64-bit I guess).

Bonjour setup package in WinRAR

It's then possible to install from Bonjour.msi - I haven't fully tested it through to completion myself but hopefully that would be a way for you to install the Bonjour Service without the Bonjour Print Services.

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    You can also extract it with 7-zip or other free product. Mar 11, 2013 at 18:00

I installed complete package (Bonjour print services for Windows ver 2.2) and then removed only Bonjour Print Service. That removed BPS but left Bonjour service intact.

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