I have been looking for a while, for solution to a certain problem, with limited success.

What I wanted to do is to transfer sound TO remote computer, not from remote computer.

I'm looking for a seamless solution that works, to play some tracks/video on local computer, and have them streamed to remote (or LAN) computer in real-time. I suppose bandwidth is not a problem, especially on a LAN infrastructure...

Already tried various remote desktop solutions (all transfer from, not to remote PC), VLC player...

To summarize: Transferring sound (stereo mix) from local sound card to LAN (Remote) computer on Windows platform. Alternatively, a video/audio player (or a player plugin) with similar capabilities will do.

Thanks in advance!

  • Your From and To are really dependent on which you are currently on! – Mayank Mar 30 '11 at 7:58

Reverse your client and server :P Local would be the server Remote would be the client You could install it both ways but ultimately it is impossible to client feed a server, although communication is possible both ways.


I think vlc can be used as an on demand audio streamer, not only playback tranfert. but never use it like that. BTW I don't know what you mean by from and to but streaming are made to come from a server to à client. So your client aka remote needs to connect to your server aka local.

  • Sorry for being a little fuzzy on the details... Sound would play on remote "server"... I would play a track/video on my laptop (client) and would like the sound to be played by "server", preferably in sync with local (client) playback. Thanks! – Tylerr Mar 30 '11 at 8:56

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