I have two machines (laptop/desktop) with Windows 7-Pro setup. When the laptop is using its wireless interface, the network works as expected. When I plug in the ethernet, the machines refuse to communicate.

  • Both machines and router on network
  • Both machines have valid IP addresses, and can ping router.
  • Both machines can connect to the web fine, so machine -> router -> interweb is ok.
  • Both machines are running in 'Work Network' mode.
  • Both machines are not in a homegroup.
  • Windows Firewall is off on both
  • IPv6 is off, v4 only.
  • On ping -t -w 1 OTHER_MACHINE, I get a response for about every 15th ping, on both sides.
  • Wireless card is disabled,hardware switch and software,(in adapter settings,disable) on laptop.
  • Telnet to desktop port 80, from the laptop fails, connection refused.
  • ping desktop and ping -a both resolve,as in the first converts to an IP, the second to a hostname.
  • Route tables look ok, but I'm not an expert on this.
  • tracert desktop sometimes works. sometimes it comes back right away, other times it times out.
  • I have rebooted both
  • I have changed ethernet cables+router ports, (even though both machines can connect to the web fine.)
  • There's no special rules/blocking setup on the router. Its just a standard router/AP combi.

I don't have another non-Windows 7 machine to check things on right now, I hope someone here can save me the trouble of going and hunting one down. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

Edit Since I cant comment yet.

  • No AV software on either machine.

Antivirus software can sometimes do this kind of thing, especially the fancy kind that claims to defend against internet threats. They run their own defenses that may not be called a firewall, but function much the same way.

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