I am newbie to Mac OS X 10.8.

I need something like Windows Scheduler to schedule a command line program that takes parameters to run.

Can you explore the steps to schedule a task & run it at a scheduled interval.

I tried iCal to scheduled, but how to pass parameters to run. My program require at least two parameters to run on command prompt - java -jar myApplication.jar -arg1 -arg2 -arg3

If I schedule through iCal then how to pass those parameters.

Or can anyone suggest anything else that meet my requirement of scheduling?

Thank you in advance for help


Consider using Cronnix to schedule tasks. It is a GUI frontend to the common UNIX cron scheduler.

  • Cronnix or cron should be able to do what you need. Maybe there's something wrong with BucketCommander or your java installation. I'd start there. – Alex Reynolds Apr 7 '11 at 6:12

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