I followed the Tor demo. I installed Polipo and configured it. I restarted both Polipo and Tor services.

Before I had Tor set up, the following script failed.

 def fetch_url(url):
   return html

Now it no longer raises an exception. However, when I go to the Tor check page (see if tor is running), it tells me that Tor is not operational. It also shows me my IP address.


I've gotten Tor to work on Windows. I've done so, though, through the GUI. Any thoughts on what's going wrong here?

Thanks, Brendan

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If you're on Linux, which distro are you using?
Have you started the tor service? For example on ArchLinux: $ /etc/rc.d/tor start && /etc/rc.d/polipo start
Did you configure polipo to use tor?
What's the URL of the demo you talked about?

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