I am an Outlook 2010 user with multiple email addresses (like 99% of people around here). 3 of my accounts are IMAP and one is Exchange.

I had Outlook set up with the two IMAPs and the Exchange, then wanted to add the other IMAP.

I followed the procedure but I have been unable to complete it due to an unknown error.

I also tried to delete the Exchange account and add it again. I did some tries, but now Outlook refuses to start: "Unable to open Outlook main window". Safe mode is of no help, compaibility mode only performs online crash report but no more result.

I tried to delete the Outlook directory in my user's AppData directory, but it seems it tries to re-create the .pst files that were originally in.

Please also note that I have a WinMo PDA in sync with Outlook. I would like to reset it to factory defaults. I don't care about emails deleted because all messages are on their respective servers.

What do you suggest me to do since removing AppData's subdirectory has no effect?

Thank you.


You can delete your profile and recreate it:

  • Go to control panel
  • Find Mail
  • Find and delete your profile (or create a new one and change the default to the new one)
  • Set everything back up

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