I just got tho TRON gaming keyboard from razer. It's great: super sturdy and stuff.... But there is no command button on the right side... which is an issue for me, being a DVorak user, all of my shortcut keys become two handed.

But there is a context menu button inbetween alt and ctrl.

With KeyCodes from the mac app store, I've discovered that the key Is :

Key Down
Unicode:        16 / 0x10
Key Code:   110 / 0x6e
Modifiers:  256 / 0x100

So, I'd like to remap that key to the command key, which looks like this: (right command key)

Modifiers:  1048848 / 0x100110
  • Might be an answer here, see Kevin's answer...superuser.com/questions/267383/… – Moab Apr 7 '11 at 0:44
  • @Moab, but I need to know the Keycode for the command key in order for this to work. That program will work, if the command key has a key code. – NullVoxPopuli Apr 7 '11 at 19:55

Karabiner (formerly KeyRemap4Macbook), which contrary to it's name works with all keyboards on any mac, should do the trick. Really designed for these sort of things. Especially PC keyboards. Don't know if it has a predefined rule, but with the info you already have you may define your own.

MacOS Sierra requires Karabiner Elements & makes it impossible to remap the Eject-Key.

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In karabiner, you need to click "Change Key" then scroll down quite far to "For PC Users" click Application Key to Command_L karabiner preferences window

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  • +1 for explicitly mentioning that 110 was the 'application' key – evanb Sep 22 at 15:37

If you are using MacOS Sierra, you will need Karabiner Elements, rather than Karabiner. The window layout is somewhat different. enter image description here

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