After upgrading from Debian Lenny to Debian Squeeze and opening XFCE, i find that the colors appear "washed out" or "too light." On top of that, the screen resolution defaults to 1440x900 which is inappropriately big for the monitor i'm using. I suspect this has something to do with xorg & hal misidentifying my hardware. I can fix the resolution with xrandr but how do i fix the color?

Running on various server class video cards including ATI ES1000 through a Black Box KVM over Cat5 system. I suspect the KVM system is what's confusing xorg and hal.

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The display's gamma settings need to be calibrated for better display. A tool like GAMMApage can help tune the colors of the display. GAMMApage in particular, then applies an xgamma command to your X startup scripts to have those settings applied at every login.


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