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Dual monitors on Windows 7 - How do I set a different DPI or text size on each monitor?

I am using a secondary monitor with a laptop. The laptop is 1920x1200 and the 1280 x1024. The issue is that the laptop monitor is fairly small while the secondary monitor is relative large. I find the laptop not comfortable to read at at 3.5' ~ 4' away but if I change the default DPI for the system it makes things in the second monitor look huge. Is there a setting or an app that can set a DPI for one screen while keeping the other the same?


Consider using the Windows 7 Magnifier tool...

There are options to magnify

  • the whole screen
  • part of the screen
  • or a selection of the screen

Tutorial from Online Tech Tips:

Use All the Features of the Windows 7 Magnifier Program

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    Sorry to -1 vote you, but this is not a complete solution, primarily due to the Tracking "feature" that is implemented by Windows 7. I believe the OP was asking how to keep a consistent magnification on the secondary laptop screen, which is the same problem I'm having. – NoCatharsis May 30 '12 at 13:25

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