How do I remove Avast website ratings from being all over the webpages and in firefox?


Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove applications.
Select Avast and Change components. De-select the web reputation part.

  1. Open Avast → Additional Protection → Browser-protection → Expert Settings

  2. Uncheck "Activate WepRep"

  3. Click OK


It changed again. Now you need to:

  1. Right click the avast! icon in the task bar and select Open avast! user interface
  2. Click The Settings link (to the right of the Account link at the top right)
  3. Click on the WebRep & Antiphising tab in the left sidebar
  4. Uncheck Enable WebRep
  5. Click OK and restart your browser.

You can also go to the Browser Integration tab in the left sidebar and uninstall the Security plugin for each browser, which includes WebRep and sandboxing functionality.

This is current as of version 8.0.1497


Removing Avast Site Rating Icon (WebRep) from Safari toolbar on MAC. Simply choose Safari>Preferences>Extensions,tap on Avast icon and hit uninstall. That's all.


Solution for Firefox (25.0.1).

Disable or uninstall "Firefox" browser plugin: Avast online Security(some versionnumber).

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Upper left corner check Orange button "Firefox" at Browser window.
  2. Click "Add-ons".
  3. Find "avast! Online Security (some versionnumber)".
  4. Disable / Remowe.

I suggest "Disable" for saving option to use it sometimes and perhaps It gets User-Friendly update one day.

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