I wish to convert TGA files (from Steam) to something more suitable, like PNG. I can't find any converters or workflows, I don't mind which it is. For Snow Leopard.

edit: Are there any free fronts to ImageMagick that are either graphical, or capable of taking a whole folder at once? Also, what does -depth 24 do? It didn't work for me, is there meant to be a different word or a =?

  • I know this doesn't really answer the question, but you can find an online one here.
    – squircle
    Apr 11, 2011 at 15:37

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I would recommend the convert command from ImageMagick. It can convert almost any graphics format into any other.

$ convert image1.tga image1.png

For those of you who are looking to convert more than one file you can use ImageMagick's built-in command "mogrify". First cd to the directory with the files you want to convert then run the following command:

$ mogrify -path [output-folder] -format [desired-output-format] *.[desired-input-format] 

For example:

$ mogrify -path output-folder/ -format png *.tga 

Seeing as finding an application for Mac is a little hard, you can use online services like these:

There's tons of these online. Those are just a few. Plus they're free! (as in beer)


If you prefer a graphical user interface, you can use GraphicConverter. It also allow batch conversion.

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