I'd like to be able to define my own keyboard shortcuts for websites that doesn't provide them. I was wondering if there's any firefox add-on/userscript to enable generic keyboard shortcuts.

Here is a simple use case: I use google translate daily translating between Hebrew & English, and often need to switch between English->Hebrew and vice versa using my mouse. Ideally, I could inspect the DOM, pick the button I need and define a keyboard shortcut to use on this page.

Anything similar to that might exist?

EDIT: that concrete google translate example is now obsolete as google solved it with auto language detection, but the use case remains the same.


Use the GreaseMonkey Firefox extension and create a custom script to add accesskey attributes to the links you want to click.

With this you can hold down alt+shift+your access key (on windows) or control+ your access key on mac to hit the link.

There are many scripts on userscripts.org which you can use to help write your script. Perhaps use the source of a script for adding Google search result navigation as a guide

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