Is there a way to make Notepad++ exit when the last tab is closed, e.g. by pressing Ctrl+W?

The current behaviour is that a new empty document is created, when the last open tab is closed.

  • When the last tab is closed, use Alt+F4, which is the general shortcut to end programs in windows. Kind regards, mtness.
    – mtness
    Jul 19, 2011 at 15:07

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This feature is now available under the preference tab of Notepad++ in the general section.

Image showing where tick mark is.


Notepad++ has a page where you can request new features. Why not ask the author nicely? Who knows you may get the feature built into the next version. The program source code is also available, so if you know a programmer who understands the code and owes you a favour, maybe you could convince them to do it.


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