Two days ago I quit my chrome. Yesterday I opened it and used it only in Anonymous Mode. Today I opened it again and my recently closed "21 tabs" are gone from the "Recently Closed" history.

Is there any way to recover them? I believe this is only the second time I've ever lost them using this amazing feature. While the similar "Restore from crash" never once failed to appear when needed.

Actually, I have no idea why the whole "Recently Closed" history was empty and missing. It was just when I opened a new tab and closed it, just for testing, that it re-appeared, showing only that one test.

So, I'd also appreciate hints (considering all) that on best ways to never lose the tabs. Currently I'm using Session Budy (as per accepted answer, because for now that's good enough), but it doesn't keep tab history nor forms filled, unlike chrome's default restorer and it needs to be installed beforehand.

Things I've tried to avoid this kind of problem:

  • Using some extensions out there with this purpose (to save tabs, I've even used good old FEBE back when chrome sucked and I was on firefox) but those were never as reliable as chrome have been with its native feature.

  • Bookmark a group of tabs into my already freaking messed bookmarks... They are messed in big part because I already tried doing that too because it requires doing it regularly and manually, which is really bad for actualy being able to recover from a crash we can't foresee.

  • Of course, Command + Shift + T won't help here.

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This is perhaps not exactly what you want but you asked for suggestions:

This plugin saves the tabs as a session with a session manager...


  • I have not mentioned, but I've tried Session Manager before and it did no good.
    – cregox
    May 30, 2011 at 22:42

For a while I've been using Session Budy and it looks like one of the best extension of the kind I've tried, definitely have a nicer interface than FEBE and Session Manager. Just remember configuring it to auto save the session for this purpose.

Today (jun 5th 2011) I had the chance to test it after a crash and it worked almost perfectly. The tab history and few forms I was filling up (but thanks to Lazarus I never lost anything) weren't restored. But that's fine because they could be reason for crashing at the first place.

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