I'm creating a transparent document with some white elements on it.

The default behaviour of Inkscape for my document is to show the content white on white so I can not see anything.

My current workaround is to change the document background (File > Document Properties > Page > Background) to e.g. grey, then edit the document - now everything is shown as white on grey.

Then I need to change the document background back to transparent before every PNG export. (File > Export Bitmap)

Is there a trick to change the background of editing area of Inkscape? Checkers would be ideal. Did not find suitable setting in Inkscape 0.47 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 yet.


Another workaround was suggested on the InkscapeForum:

  • create an additional layer
  • fill it with a pattern
  • bring it to the bottom
  • lock it
  • work on layers above it
  • hide it on every export, unhide again

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