I try to run the nicklist addon with irssi using screen inside tmux but strangely :) it doesn't work and I get the input on top of the screen. Is it possible to run nicklist when you are on tmux?


An alternative way is splitting your current window in tmux (C-b + h or whatever you set up your shortcut) (horizontal), resize that window (C-b + left/right) and then activate nicklist.pl in the "FIFO" way:

In irssi:

  • /NICKLIST FIFO (only the first time, to create the fifo)

In a shell:

  • In the window we split and resize: $ cat ~/.irssi/nicklistfifo

Then in irssi again:

  • /SET nicklist_heigth "height of nicklist"

  • /SET nicklist_width "width of nicklist"


So at the end you should have:


---------irssi ---------- |nicklist


  • Finally tried tmux again and tested your solution and it seems to work well. Great answer! Thanks! – grm May 9 '12 at 8:39
  • I used it some time, but it got too annoying with switching and scrolling so I dropped the nicklist windows and doesn't really miss it. Thanks anyways for a good answer! – grm May 30 '12 at 14:00

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