According to Microsoft, I can.

Note: You can also define or select a set of computer from a drop-down menu that has a predefined set of computer. Refer to the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security documentation to find out how to define a set of computers from which to select. There are some existing collections of computers available already.

But I can't find it anywhere in the firewall documentation.

Does anybody know how to define a custom "set of predefined computers" in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security?

I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Firewall with Advanced Security version 6.1

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What the 'predefined set of computers' is referring to is if you do the following

  1. Open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  2. Right click "Inbound Rules" select new rule
  3. Select Custom > Next
  4. Select "All programs" > Next
  5. Select "protocol type" > Any > Next
  6. Under "Which local IP ......" select Any IP address
  7. Under "Which remote IP ...." select These IP addresses > Add > Predefined set of computers >

enter image description here

So the predefined set of computers is actually just Default Gateway, WINS Servers, DNS Servers, DHCP Servers or Local Subnet.

They make it sound like you are able to create a local group that contains a list of computers to specify, but that does not seem to be the case :( I think the only options are to set a range of computers via IP Address or IP Subnet instead of by computer name.

Anyway, continuing on -

8.Select "Allow the connection" > Next

9.Leave all three ticked > Next

10.Give the rule a name > Finish

Hope that helps (somewhat) :)

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Although I've only just started reading it, this article looks pretty in depth and therefore might help.

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