With lots of document readers (okular, xpdf, skim, ghostview) the viewer will reload a document if it is changed. Can acrobat reader do this?

Ubuntu linux 9.04, acroread 8.1.3


acroread does not support it. The PDF reader Evince (Document Viewer), which is installed by default, automatically reloads if the file it is displaying changes.


Current Adobe Reader 9.4.2 allows you to press Ctrl+R to reload an opened PDF.

  • 2019, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019.012.20034 on Windows does not support Ctrl+R, but I found that File->Revert will reload the file (after a prompt..) and also reopen the Adobe Reader window. edit. Seems like it only works if modifications have been done (I need to reload files from a dropped network drive.) – thomasa88 Jun 4 at 8:33

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