After installing Opera 11 I want to disable Search Suggestions.

Right next to the address bar is a search box. When I start typing anything into it, after a moment search suggestions appear. So, this means that Opera sends my typed text to "Some Third-Party" before I ask to do it (before pressing the Enter key).

There must be a configuration variable with suggest service url, but I can find such a variable in the about:config hacking page.

How can I disable this "search suggestion / auto-completion" feature?


In that search.ini file mentioned above, comment out the line that says "Suggest URL" by placing a semi-colon in front of it.

My line now looks like this:

;Suggest URL=http://clients1.google.com/complete/search?q={SearchTerm}&client=opera&hl=en


Try typing this in Opera's address bar:


Then uncheck auto-dropdown, then scroll down and save. Restart Opera and let's see if it worked.

  • This does disable dropdown of address bar, not the search bar ( – osgx May 5 '11 at 15:25


Suggest URL is stored in search.ini

  • This stop sending to third patry, but not stop a menu dropdown – osgx Aug 12 '11 at 0:27

This has been asked a while ago, but i think others will benefit from knowing that the search suggestions you are referring to is called the Start Bar. It is easily disabled in shift+F12 > Toolbars > uncheck...

  • No. "Start bar" is uncheked. I asked about suggestions not for address bar (http://...) but for search bar (which has grey text Google) – osgx Nov 11 '11 at 19:38

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