Office 2010 is Microsoft's ad-supported version of Office, which is bundled & pre-installed with OEM. Recently, I wiped my hard disk off the OEM bloatware stuff and installed Windows 7 Ultimate from my licensed copy that I had purchased.

I wish to install Office 2010. Can I download it from MSFT's site? Is it available for download? My word processing and spreadsheet needs are very light, so I don't need the Standard and Pro versions. Please don't suggest OpenOffice/Libre Office.

  • If you had your install still, you can make a version of the two bits of software that are in office, that run off a USB drive. – Journeyman Geek Nov 26 '11 at 5:06

https://www.microsoft.com/oem/en/products/office/pages/office_2010_starter.aspx explains the answer, in short, "no".

How Is Office Starter 2010 Offered?

Office Starter 2010 is not a trial–it has a perpetual license that does not expire. Office Starter 2010 is an advertising-supported base productivity suite that is available only on new PCs. It must be preloaded on new PCs at the point of manufacture. Office Starter 2010 is not available for existing PCs at any time after manufacture; for example, Office Starter 2010 cannot be installed on new PCs being sold by resellers, even brand-new PCs. It will not be sold through distribution or available to end users as a standalone product.

To learn more about how to purchase and distribute Office Starter 2010 licenses, visit the worldwide OPC Office 2010 Licensing page.

my emphasis added mid-paragraph

  • well that sucks. Plan B, then perhaps. Thanks. I'll upvote when UTC day rolls over, I'm currently out of upvotes :) – Sathyajith Bhat Apr 23 '11 at 13:21

How about the Home and Student version? Can be installed on up to 3 computers as well, so you can sort of divide the price by 3 :)

See Office 2010: Which suite is right for you?

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