I have a wireless ad-hoc network with 3 machines A,B and C. They are all in the 192.168.160.x subnet and have a corresponding subnet mask of . A and B can ping each other, A and C can ping each other but B and C cannot ping each other (they are far off). Using wireshark(at A), I determined that when I request B to ping C, it sends out an ARP request with C's IP. C can't hear B, so B does not get a reply. B therefore shows Destination host unreachable. But should not there be some way that the A can forward B's request to C? Are standard wireless ad-hoc networks limited to single-hop?

I'm using ubuntu jaunty on all machines, with atheros cards using the madwifi driver.

  • So I just realized that ad-hoc can mean two things - Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks(MANET), which are multi-hop, and ad-hoc in 802.11 spec, which is single-hop. – apoorv020 Apr 29 '11 at 17:03

I believe you want to be running host A in hostap mode and switching from Ad-Hoc to Infrastructure mode. That way traffic that wants to go from B to C should go via A.

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