I need to take the screenshot of a webpage with both cleartype and font-smoothing in Windows XP. I know how to enable disable cleartype nor do I enable font smoothing.

Basically what is the difference between two with respect to XP.

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ClearType is a form of font smoothing. In XP you have the following options:

  • No font smoothing.
  • Standard font smoothing.
  • ClearType font smoothing.

The default setting is standard font smoothing. In Vista/7 the default setting is ClearType.

If you know how to enable/disable ClearType then you have already found the dialog which allows to to choose between the three options.

The dialog is presented as a switch to enable or disable font smoothing. If you choose to enable it then you get to make a further choice as to which smoothing method you use: standard or ClearType.


You can use the ClearType tuner on the Microsoft site.

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