I'm out of my depth here.

I'm currently accessing the internet on my desktop PC via an NDIS USB connection to my cellphone which is accessing the internet via 3G.

I'd like a laptop to also share this internet connection. It's WiFI'd to a wireless router (Netgear WGR614). The desktop PC is connected RJ45'd to the wireless router.

So I've turned off DHCP on the wireless router, bridged the two networks via Windows 7's built in bridging and given the laptop a static address in the same subnet as the desktop PC.

Desktop PC reports: IP, Subnet, Gateway

Laptop reports: IP, Subnet, Gateway, despite me statically setting its IP to be, Subnet 255.255.255,0, Gateway and DNS

Desktop PC is accessing internet, laptop of course isn't.

Any suggestions?

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No eggspurt but, DNS & gateway should have different addresses. I have similar setup, I give my ethernet card ny usb address in Preffered DNS for me & gateway is the usb modem IP address. Works fine. USB is gateway & ethernet provides DNS

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