My company employs Bitlocker w/ TPM in order to enable Direct Access so that you are always on the company network even when away from work. I want to have a desktop at home which is always connected, but it has to have a TPM chip. Any idea which motherboards/desktops which support this?


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A quick Google seach finds a number. Should not be hard to find. Here is one. Gigabyte As to OEM systems, most ThinkCenter Lenovo systems and Thinkpads have TPM. I think many HP buisness class systems do as well Here is one example HP Desktop The TPM is really quite common.

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I often assemble my own desktops from parts. My current desktop has MSI motherboard, which has JTPM port on it. I purchased and plugged in Infineon TPM module, and now TPM is functional. I speculate most motherboards do have JTPM ports, all you need to do is look at documentation.

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