I'm a Dvorak touch typist. I need to pair with Qwerty folks.

Windows soft-keyboard switching sucks.

I'm aware that both the Kinesis Advantage and TypeMatrix have hardware switches that allows the computer to be in Qwerty but me to type in Dvorak.

Both are fairly pricey.

Are there other options out there?


Here is one for $99. (hard wired)


Here is one for $50. (software required)


Here is one for $20. (hard wired?)



The current model is the Matias Dvorak Keyboard, which is still available. The original solution was the Dvortyboard, which is unavailable.


Take the plunge and buy the TypeMatrix 2030. I bought the dvorak layout model and a semi-blank skin (not sure why yet). I absolutely love this keyboard, though it did have a small learning curve to train your fingers not to stretch so far like normal keyboards.

I fully agree, software keyboard switching sucks under Windows. Gnome (Linux/FreeBSD) is a bit better, but still not as night as hardware switching.

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