After an update to my computer my server on Snow Leopard has become unstable. I continually get Forbidden 403 issues on every page that I try to access. I can upload my apache log files...just not sure where they are stored on Mac. Working on a project and need to get this rectified asap so any and all help is appreciated.


Did you check


to make sure they didn't get moved or reset? Something broad like this has changed to cause 403 on all the pages.


Just had to deal with that. Here is the seminal link on that.


In order to serve files, Apache must have the proper permission granted by the operating system to access those files. In particular, the User or Group specified in httpd.conf must be able to read all files that will be served and search the directory containing those files, along with all parent directories up to the root of the filesystem.


Your starting point should, of course be checking the logs.

On OS X the Apache logs can be found in:


It would be my bet that there is a permission problem on a file or perhaps a missing folder, but a check of /var/log/apache2/error_log should give you the clues you need.

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