I'm having a really weird problem. For some reason, I can't scp, rsync, git pull or git push files larger than 1406 bytes. I can clone an entire repo no problem. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. I've exhausted all the cut and paste solutions for other users experiencing the same issues. Anyone have ideas?

System: Ubuntu 11.04 desktop


Still no dice.

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For bizarre problems it's always a good idea to start a really broad process of elimination.

See if it can be narrowed down to either a hardware or software problem:

  1. Try booting with a Ubuntu boot CD - see if you can reproduce the problem
  2. Try plugging your hard drive into a different system - see if the problem still occurs

If it's software, you can either reinstall or start troubleshooting. If it's hardware you can start swapping out parts, like the network card/chipset or RAM.

By making smart choices in what you test, you can - if not solve the problem - find a good workaround.


This is quite likely a hardware problem

There are many routers/switches with a maximum packet size. See whether you can enable jumbo frames (ethtool or see e.g. here)

You could /should try what limits you run into with netcat and tools like that. I'm sure there will be instant network testing utils toolkits floating around

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