My corporate IT department has mandated a change to Microsoft's Lync for instant messaging, among other purposes. I installed it and launched; it automatically found the server it needed, since my corporate address book was available and I could IM folks in it. I then added a contact outside my company and it found the person even before I finished typing the name; she is listed with "presence unknown" in my contacts list (IM service is MSN). When I attempting to send an IM, however, I think it tried to tell me it failed. (I am not sure because it did not say it failed(!); it just mentioned that "When contacting your support team, reference error ID 504 (source ID 239)." I thought, "Well that was nice of it to be so proactive; if and when I have a need for support, I have a number to provide--yay!")

A web search for the error code did not shed any light for me; the Lync overview page indicates outside IM contacts may be used, so any suggestions on how to make this IM connection work?


Lync server must have public IM enabled to be able to use federated IM. Have you confirmed your IT department has enabled it?


  • No I have not checked because I was not aware of the setting--thanks for the pointer. – Michael Sorens Jun 11 '11 at 18:39

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