I've just installed Fedora 14 in VirtualBox and got it up and running in a window on my Windows 7 host.

Its IP is with subnet (ifconfig). The Windows 7 VirtualBox's IP was a bit weird, so I changed it to on the same subnet.

When I then try to open Fedora's IP in Chrome on the Windows 7 VirtualBox host, it can't find the server. Trying on the Fedora box works 100%.

Pinging the server results in 50% loss, so it does seem like "it's there".

Any ideas what might be wrong?


You're using VirtualBox's NAT feature, right? Try configuring the NIC as "Bridge", then the guest OS gets a "public" IP in your LAN (from DHCP, if available), and is reachable by that address.


In Virtualbox you can define several kinds of network

  • bridged (the fedora guest will be visible on the external network it will share some physical interface of the host - put in promiscuous mode).
  • NAT, the host will do some port forwarding.
  • Host-only: the guest and the host will share a virtual network.
  • Internal: all guests and the host will share a network.

From your fedora guest IP address it looks like you have selected the NAT type. Try host-only or bridged depending on whether you want the server to be seen only by the host or also outside the host.

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