I have used Vim before and I love the keyboard shortcuts, but I hate having to copy and paste, so I am looking for a text editor that makes it easier. I have been trying Gedit. It's cool. But I really miss the being to create a new line, going to the end of the line, going to the beginning of the line, deleting a line with keyboard shortcuts.

I tried to look up "gedit keyboard shortcuts" but all it came up with was how to save a file. Basic things.

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    What about Vim's copy and paste did you find difficult? I find it really easy, so perhaps there is something in your Vim configuration that could be improved. For example, some GNU/Linux distributions include a vim that doesn't have the X11 and clipboard support necessary for proper copying and pasting in a terminal. – garyjohn May 5 '11 at 1:14

See the Gedit page for all the default hotkeys.

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VIGedit - might have to muck around with it a bit, but sounds like what you want.

also worth reading this "ViGedit–Gedit’s Simplicity with Vi(m)’s Power"

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For sure, GNOME’s gedit wiki will direct you to a page with “official” keyboard shortcuts.

However, there is more to this story; gedit uses the GtkTextView widget to display and edit text. This means there are more keyboard shortcuts at play than those documented in the gedit wiki.

Here is a longer list with all gedit shortcuts.

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I'm honestly not surprised you had problems with this considering the abusive upbringing you've had with Vi and Vim.

shift + end, delete : delete line
shift + down, delete : delete line
ctrl + d : delete line

home : beginning of line
end : end of line

shift + tab : un-indent
tab : indent

hightlight, shift + tab : un-indent
hightlight + tab : indent

hightlight, ctrl + c : copy
hightlight, ctrl + x : cut
hightlight, ctrl + v : paste

hightlight: secondary x11 clipboard copy
middle-click: secondary x11 clipboard paste

Those last two are X11-only features.

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  • Note that the three "delete line" methods you mentioned are all different. Ctrl+D is the most useful. – wjandrea Jul 23 '17 at 18:56

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