I'm looking for free windows software that I can use to create 20s clips of a large number of mp3s. Ideally I would be able to enter the desired settings once, and have the software process all of the mp3s.

The specific parameters that I would like control of are:

  • Length.
  • Quality
  • File type (I would like to convert the mp3s to ogg format)
  • I believe lame can be programmed (using a batch file or other method) to process files, but I'm not sure about Ogg format. – user3463 May 5 '11 at 2:08

FFmpeg is an open source media "swiss army knife". It can handle exactly what you're looking for, but it does require using the command prompt.

First download FFmpeg, any recent release will do. You'll need a program to extract the 7z archive. I recommend WinRAR (free trial). Extract ffmpeg to a folder, I used c:\ffmpeg.

Next open the command prompt (start > run > cmd.exe). And do the following (again, assuming ffmpeg was extracted to c:\ffmpeg.

c:\Users\media> cd c:\ffmpeg\bin

c:\ffmpeg\bin> for /r c:\Users\media\Music %i in (*.mp3) do ffmpeg -i "%i" -ss 0 -t 20 -aq 0 -y -acodec libvorbis "%i_clip.ogg"

Change "c:\Users\media\Music" to the folder that contains mp3's you want to create clips for. Refer to the ffmpeg manual for instructions on the various options (-aq = quality, -ss = skip seconds into file, -t = time in seconds)

  • Eh, use 7zip to decompress the 7z file. It's free and not just as a trial (so no nagging) and it'll handle any type of compression out there. And it's fast. Otherwise, ditto what he said. – music2myear May 5 '11 at 19:53

FFMPEG is a good choice as h0twfr3 says. If you prefer a GUI, an Audacious "chain" can also do what you want.

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