I'm having a very annoying problem: I'm using Firefox 4 Portable on my office PC, everything is ok except when clicking links from my email programm or messenger. Firefox (already running) won't open them but instead displays an error message:

Firefox is already running, but is not responding.

I think the problem is that I previously used the normal version of Firefox on that machine, which i removed - and the system won't recognize the portable version properly.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Seems like problem is due to portable version, cause email client opens links in your default internet browser. Maybe you need to completely delete your previous version of normal Firefox. CCleaner is free very useful. Or you can go to run/regedit HKEY/LOCAL/MACHINE/Software, HKEY/CURRENT/USER/Software and delete all occurrences about Firefox. System could think that Firefox is your default browaser but couldn't find it.


I encountered the same on a much more recent FF 31. With an installed (non-portable) Firefox. — See the last of the common causes on mozillazine.

In essence, don't start your default profile with -no remote. You may specifiy a -profilepath. No problem with that.

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