In vim, is it possible to select content between the brackets inclusive of the brackets similar to

yi{ yi(

But I want to include the brackets.

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You can move the cursor over one bracket, and do vf{ or vf( to bring you into visual mode and then select everything until (and including) the bracket.

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    Actually, this will end up selecting only the opening brace. If you're on top of the opening brace, f{ will move you to the closest opening brace, which you're already on. What you probably want is v% which will move you to the matching brace and can be used on either side. Nov 23, 2014 at 5:32
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    This is not the correct answer. See @garyjohn's answer below. May 13, 2019 at 14:49

Yes. Use a instead of i, as



:help a{
:help a(

and more generally,

:help text-objects
:help 04.8
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Does f{v% or f(v% do what you want? It moves your cursor to the next { or (, enters you into visual mode, and then moves your cursor to the corresponding closing } or ). If you're already past the scope you want to select, you can use a capital F. Works just as well to jump to the closing } or ) first, too -- f}v%.

Once you have what you want selected, you can y, d, x, etc. it. The % command works multi-line, too, so you can use this technique on large blocks of code if you wish (although f and F do not, so you have to start on either the first or last line).

EDIT: Better answer, seems to be exactly what you're looking for:


Replacing the i in your original command with a does exactly the same thing, except that it includes the '(' character. This is "yanking a block", whereas yi( is "yanking an inner block".


One another way would be by following the below steps:

  1. place the cursor on the opening parenthesis ( or braces {
  2. press esc key and press v to enter into the visual mode
  3. now press the % symbol (this will select the whole text between parens inclusive)
  4. press the key y to yank (i.e. copy) the text (press d if you rather want to cut it.)

Then, you can move the cursor wherever you want the new text to be pasted and then press p for pasting the text there.

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I use vi{ or va{ to select the content between brackets. The advantage is that you will be able to see the selection before you yank it.

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