I connect to a VPN from home to work. I use Mac OSX 10.6.x's built-in Cisco support to connect. There are no non-default settings after authentication (eg to do with routing).

How does network traffic get routed? As in, if I browse to a site, does the browser try to reach the site via the VPN connection?

How can I configure things such that only some traffic uses the VPN - as in, there are only a few addresses and IPs that I would want to go to the VPN for; the rest I'd want to use my own internet connection for.

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You should config you vpn server's split net. So only the IPs in your split nets would route through vpn gateway.

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    Is that something that I can do as a client, with no admin-rights to the server-end? Mar 29, 2012 at 15:05

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