As part of my job, I regularly enter long descriptions of real estate into a database. I type those up in N++ and then paste them into the web interface of the base. However, they are quite repetitive, and I would like to make my life easier.

I was thinking of something like this. For example, I would type opl, and as soon as I hit space, it would be replaced with open plan living room with kitchen. So is there a plugin for Notepad++ to do this? I know that it has autocompletion, but that works a bit differently from what I want to achieve.

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Perhaps check out the Auto-Completion features built into Notepad++ 5 and above.

Notepad++ has autocompletion capabilities, allowing it to finish a word that you are typing by giving a list of possible options, or immediately inserting it when only one possibility is left (powered by the Scintilla component).

There are two types of auto completion:

The first one uses a list of well known keywords and provides a hint based on that and goes by the name Function Completion. It is triggered by selecting Edit->Auto-Completion->Function Completion or automatically when a certain amount of characters is typed (see also Preferences).

The second one retrieves all the words from the current file and provides hinting on that, named Word Completion. This is triggered by selecting Edit->Auto-Completion->Word Completion, or by entering a set number of characters (again, see Preferences). Word completion is the only type that can automatically finish a word without displaying a list of options first.


If you can/are willing to install another program, try AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/), which can do the keyword substitution you describe and more, not only in Notepad++ but most other applications.

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