Is there a tool that will show me what files have changed over a period of time on either a Windows CE or Windows Mobile device? The reason I want this is I am trying to figure out exactly where IE history is stored. I was going to start the file watcher, delete my history, and then see what has changed.

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There is a software app that resembles Filemon for full blown windows called CEMon. You can get it here:


  • I did not try this out because I solved my problem without it, but it looks to be what I asked for... – still_dreaming_1 May 13 '11 at 21:12

I saw your question about this topic in SO. I think it is possible that IE history is saved in the Windows Registry. I was going to recommend you to use "Remote Registry Editor" provided with Visual Studio in order to take two screen shots of the registry, after and before doing some browsing. Then you can use a diff tool (winmerge for example) to locate the registry keys that where changed.

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