I have a laptop that I was dual booting with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I used the MSFT disk manager to delete the partitions. I made sure my windows live cd was working, which it was, before doing this. But now, when I boot my computer, it won't run the cd. All I get is

error: no such partition. and then a command prompt: grub rescue>

I made sure my boot priority was set to boot from the CD first...

What can I do!?


Got it to work. Had to go into BIOS and enable "F12 for Boot Menu." This enabled me to boot from the Live CD. Thank God!! Pheeeew!


That was a temporary quick fix. Generally I select my booting order in the BIOS.

  1. USB HDD
  2. USB other drives
  3. DVD/ CD drive
  4. Hard Disk.

It does slow the initial boot time, but I so regularly change my boot systems, I don't mind the extra seconds.

  • It's actually not working because the Live CD "is not compatible with my system." I tried another Live CD and it didn't detect any problems. I'm screwed! – LuxuryMode May 16 '11 at 3:27

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