Starting up a mobile computer repair company and I am looking at POS/CRM solutions. I am trying out Commit CRM, but am looking to find other solutions that are out there to compare with.

Features I consider important are:

  • Web interface
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple employees (fingers crossed)
  • Asset tracking (tracking customers' equipment)

Who do you recommend?

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I use quickbooks for my business, it's not computer repair and I don't have a retail location. I do training, and my class site is not permanent. Most all of my customers pay on site or send in a check. I have my laptop which I also use for the presentation and take a printer for certificates and receipts. Several of the quickbook versions have employee, and payroll support, as well as POS "computer as a cash register"

I would use simple start, until you need the additional features the other versions give you.

You can buy simple start at retailers for $99 however you can download it for free from quicken.com

compare products

Simple start free download


I'd check into Microsoft's Dynamics system if I were you. Their CRM appears to be very good and can be accessed from anywhere through a web interface. From what I can see, they should have some POS stuff included, but if not, then they at least have the integration capabilities to get POS up and running.


I've had great results with OpenBravo POS and you could hook it up with OpenBravo. It might be a little overkill for what you need but both are great products

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