I'm setting up a Subversion server at my office to help the dev team manage thier code, and better contain the projects somewhere locally in the building.

I've got the server, got svn installed, I can checkout, commit, create repos and the like. The problem is that I have one user! Not ideal.

I've been reading this, http://www.if-not-true-then-false.com/2010/svn-subversion-access-control-with-apache-and-mod-authz-svn/

But it seems that I keep overwriting the access file every time I want to add a new user. I can't really be bothered with hooking it into AD right now, but I would like each person to commit using their own username and such.

Does anyone have any idea's on the best way to configure this? I have to add all our code and would rather not have to edit a file in each repository I create! mkdir and chown etc are taking enough time already ;)


If you keep overwriting your password file, remove the -c modifier from the htpasswd command. That modifier creates a new file (and hence overwrites your old one) every time you add a user.

The tutorial you are using seems to line it out correctly, is the overwriting of users your only problem?

  • Yep, I figured it out, although I did it a stupid way, using -n and copying and pasting into the file! :rolleyes: – David Yell May 18 '11 at 11:35

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