I have a zip file with many directories and files inside of it. I'd like to determine which files are taking up the most compressed space in the archive. Anyone know of a handy mechanism to do this?


Any typical zip utility such as 7-zip will display the file system within the zip file in a flat manner; versus hierarchical.

This will allow you to sort the files based on size providing the data you are looking for.

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    Thanks Aaron, I tried that, but in 7-zip the packed size column shows all 0's except for one file which shows the entire packed file. I an view and sort on the original sizes of the files, but that's not helpful in this case. Do you think there's something odd with my version of 7-zip? – Rich May 17 '11 at 20:04
  • actually just tried it again. Looks like 7-zip compression doesn't behave well for viewing compressed files, but when I zip with a regular deflate method in .zip it's fine. Thanks for the help. – Rich May 17 '11 at 20:13
  • @Rich Modify the view; View -> Flat View...then look at the Size column. – Aaron McIver May 17 '11 at 20:15

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