I am trying to create a formula using a cell that holds data linked from another tab in the same spreadsheet. When the source cell is blank, the linked cell shows "0". Is there a way to have the linked cell show up as blank instead of showing "0"? I am having trouble using the cell showing "0" in other formulas.


It's better to use ISBLANK.

=if(ISBLANK(A1), "", formula)

Replace A1 with your reference cell and formula with what you want this cell to contain if A1 isn't blank.

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Use the code =If(IsBlank(sheetname!cellnumber),"",sheetname!cellnumber) and where sheetname is Sheet1,Sheet2, etc, and cellnumber is A1,A2,B5,etc.


Use this formula:


Replace CELLNAME with the actual name of the cell you're referencing.

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