How do I switch in/out of fullscreen mode from the command line in RealVNC?

This would be very handy, allowing me to keep my hands on the keyboard when I need to check my email (in Windows).

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Hit F8 to pull up the menu and then select (using keyboard) the full screen toggle.

  • Thanks, but i have F8 mapped. Was hoping for something from the CLI. May have to go w/your suggestion if there's no suitable arg for vncconfig or the like. – subopt May 19 '11 at 17:17

I'm going to go off-path a little and answer this also for the RealVNC fork TigerVNC, since they both have the same F8 context-menu.

TigerVNC from v1.4.90 onwards lets you type F8 F to toggle the full-screen state. You will see other accelerator keys on that context menu too - F8 Z to minimize the window is also helpful. Nice and fast once you get used to it.

  • Very good, thanks for this! – Per Lundberg Mar 26 at 12:53

Pressing Ctrl, Alt, Shift and F together should exit full screen mode.

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