I have activated Bitlocker on my Windows 7-64 bit Ultimate machine. The system put the key on a thumb drive. The system will not open with the key on the thumb drive. It is the same key that printed out; and the same key that is stored in the machine. Could it be a corrupted .tpm file, or does anyone know how to have the computer regerate all key and tpm file information?


It's unclear from your question exactly how BitLocker is configured on your computer. For an overview of your settings, open an elevated command prompt and type manage-bde C: -status (assuming your OS drive is C:). You can also use the manage-bde command line utility to add/remove BitLocker protectors.

For a more user-friendly (though less flexible) way of adding/removing protectors, right click your OS drive in explorer and click "Manage BitLocker" to manage your keys via a UI.

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