I am using xmonad / haskell.

when I start nm-applet for wifi, I have a small icon on the top lef then displays wifi reception.

Next to it I would like to to have a CLOCK / time display.

is there a (clock) gnome applet similar to nm-applet that works as a clock? (in xmonad?)

I searched for some time and tried some clock applets but I couldn't get it working. Thanks for any help on this.


What I think you really want is XMobar. You can still run nm-applet in the background but it gives you all sorts of good info too:

Here is an example of a highly customised bar at the top of the screen. You may have to open the image in a new tab to fully appreciate the top bar. enter image description here

So just give it an install and I am sure that you will like it.

  • cool. do you have somewhere you configuration file for xmobar? – mrsteve Jun 1 '11 at 16:20
  • XMobar has its own config file which should exist in the ~/.xmonad directory. But you can call XMobar to start from your xmonad config in the way that it is done in xmonad-contrib: xmonad.org/xmonad-docs/xmonad-contrib/… – Robert Massaioli Jun 2 '11 at 2:04
  • I just realised that the top bar in the image is actually using dzen2 to give you that but use XMobar. It is better. – Robert Massaioli Jun 4 '11 at 11:19

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