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What to do if my computer is infected by a virus or a malware?

For some time, my Task Manager is greyed out when I right click on the taskbar. It's even not shown in the list when I press Ctrl + Alt + Del. Is this some sort of virus?

Rather than installing an antivirus, are there other ways I can fix this situation? I've tried running different process monitors and killing any unknown processes but they just won't stop.

What are the smart solutions?


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I'm assuming you don't want to install an antivirus as a learning excercise or something similar.

If you're using ProcessExplorer, turn on Verify Image Signatures under Options. Then add Company Name as a column. Processes with no company name are very suspicious.

Check out this post to see how to enable it again.

It's worth noting that I found that link in less than a minute using Google.


I would just install an antivirus. Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job, is lightweight, it's free, and comes straight from Microsoft. You could try and take care of it yourself but if it is a virus, you wouldn't be sure if it was gone or not, it could just replicate the files that you deleted.


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