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What to do if my computer is infected by a virus or a malware?

For some time, my Task Manager is greyed out when I right click on the taskbar. It's even not shown in the list when I press Ctrl + Alt + Del. Is this some sort of virus?

Rather than installing an antivirus, are there other ways I can fix this situation? I've tried running different process monitors and killing any unknown processes but they just won't stop.

What are the smart solutions?


I'm assuming you don't want to install an antivirus as a learning excercise or something similar.

If you're using ProcessExplorer, turn on Verify Image Signatures under Options. Then add Company Name as a column. Processes with no company name are very suspicious.

Check out this post to see how to enable it again.

It's worth noting that I found that link in less than a minute using Google.

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I would just install an antivirus. Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job, is lightweight, it's free, and comes straight from Microsoft. You could try and take care of it yourself but if it is a virus, you wouldn't be sure if it was gone or not, it could just replicate the files that you deleted.

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