Is there any keyboard shortcut to close the Command Prompt window in Windows 7? Alt+F4 does not seem to work on a Command Prompt window.

I close it right now by typing exit and Enter at the prompt. Hoping there is a shorter trick.

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  • Alt+Space, C

  • Create an alias using doskey: doskey x=exit

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    That is not actually a keyboard shortcut. That is just accessing the menu using the keyboard.
    – CJ7
    Jul 8, 2016 at 5:12

Wrap CMD in Console2, which would give you CTRL+W to close tabs and ALT+F4 to exit. You will also be able to use CTRL+V to Paste, if you wish, which is one of the main reasons I use it.


Here's an autohotkey script that'll do it.

#IfWinActive ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass
Send,{LAlt Down}{Space Down}{Space Up}{LAlt Up}{c Down}

It just sends Alt+Space, C to the window when Ctrl+w is hit (if it's a command prompt).


It depends from your choice of command interpreter. This is, of course, because it is your command interpreter that is (largely) determining how TUI command-line editing works.

If you're using JP Software's TCC/LE, for example, an autoexecuting keystroke alias that does exactly this (and that doesn't suffer from the global hotkey problems mentioned in other answers) is simplicity itself to set up using the ALIAS command:

alias @@f4=*exit

With bash one could do the same thing, using the bind built-in command, to bind the key sequence for the Alt-F4 key to the string exit\n. The tricky part is working out what key sequence Alt-F4 generates (from the point of view of bash, at least) this week.

If you are running your command interpreter within Take Command, closing the current command tab is done with Ctrl+F4.


You could probably use a tool such as AutoHotKey to build a shortcut that would close the window. Or create a shortcut that runs a command using tskill to find all cmd windows and close them. That would cause problems if you ever use more than once CMD window at a time and want to close them only selectively.

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