I've installed new Cygwin: 1.7 and couldn't create a Console! tab for Cygwin like before. Is there anybody there who has successfully used Cygwin inside Console?


I've used Cygwin in ConsolePortable. Sure, you can do it without a cygwin.bat file; just put /path/to/cygwin/bin/bash --login -i as your shell. There is a lot more flexibility if you use a bat file to launch it, though; for example, you can specify a home directory outside the Cygwin folder. Assumptions:


Edit ConsolePortable/Data/Settings/console.xml:

<!-- console.xml -->
    <console shell="..\cygwin\cygwin.bat" init_dir="..\cygwin" >
<!-- ... etc ... -->

Edit cygwin.bat:

echo off
set SHELL=/bin/bash
REM -> you can set home here if you don't want /cygwin/home/username, e.g. HOME=%~dp0..\..\doc\unix
bin\bash --login -i

Yes, I use Cygwin with Console2. In settings, create a tab with the following shell value:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login -i`

That's it (assuming you installed Cygwin to the default directory, otherwise change the path to bash.exe accordingly).

Personally, I've gone one step further and set a default directory for Cygwin to start in, by using this shell value:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login -i -c "cd /cygdrive/c/Users/Tom/Stuff/; exec /bin/bash"

You'd need to alter the /cygdrive/c/Users/Tom/Stuff/ part to something appropriate for your file system.

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