I know the parent folder that will contain these mp3 files I am looking for, but I have allot of sub-folders in it.

How can I search for all files and sub-folders for files ending with .mp3?


You can use the find terminal command. Open Terminal.app (Applications > Utilities > Terminal.app) and run this command:

find /path/to/search -name '*.mp3'

You need to put the pattern in quotes so that it does not get expanded by the shell.

  • And... that's why we (or at least developers) love *nix systems. Just plain English. – Dio Phung Feb 21 '17 at 0:25

As you didn't specify you need a Terminal, you can actually just use the Finder. Enter the parent folder, press Cmd-F, then hit the + button on the right.

Adjust your settings like seen below. You'll get a list of all MP3 files.

enter image description here

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